Posted by: chiarraigrrl | January 13, 2010

A few cheery links and stories…

If my sources are to be believed, a good few of us seem to have had a craptastic day today. I remain distinctly unimpressed with Persnickety Boss’s “people skills” (or, more truthfully, lack thereof), but managed to get him to act like a normal human being by having a (reasonably polite, relatively speaking- I didn’t curse in the email, at least) bit of a shit-fit at him when he attempted to accuse me of not updating a file just because I couldn’t be arsed (which, if anyone knows me, could not be further from the truth). Am now quite tired, but thought many of us could do with some cheering up, so here goes:

This is an incredible story- 61 firefighters in the UK had volunteered by this morning to go help search for survivors in Haiti after the earthquake late-last-night-UK-time, complete with equipment and all. Amazing.

there’s a lovely article in the Evening Herald about how Dublin Bus kept the city moving in spite of the weather (I love how he thanked the drivers several times).

According to the Metro this morning, the first crop of potatoes is being auctioned off… to raise money for charity. Pretty incredible, considering what a hit the potato farmers took with the big freeze recently.

@janeruffino posted this link, which is just too cute not to re-post: Aww….

And finally, @XStruckX sent me this link recently, which is extremely amusing:

With a bit of luck, hopefully tomorrow will be much better…


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