Posted by: chiarraigrrl | January 20, 2010

Possibly-unintentional side-effect of Budget 2010 – or, the Budget is making us all sick…

Under the most recent Irish budget, apparently if people are out sick from work for 3 days or more they can claim social welfare benefit for the days they were off. Naturally, this is a good thing for people who are paid by the hour… but the bosses in work picked it up, too, and are now requiring that anyone who’s off 3 days or more go in to their local Social Welfare office to claim the payment and bring the cheque in to work, in addition to providing a doctor’s cert – or it’ll be taken out of our wages on the assumption that we claimed and did not bring the cheque in for the plantation overseers (as it were).

The upshot of all this (which I would happily have suggested would be a consequence prior to them sending that email) is, naturally, that people are coming back in when they’re clearly not well, just to avoid the hassle of going to the Social Welfare office to get the cheque covering their time off. One of the women I work with, who’s currently on antibiotics, has been off 2 days this week and 2 days last week, coming in to work coughing and sneezing in between rather than take the extra time off. Which only means the rest of us will be sick shortly… Well done, all, my immune system thanks you.



  1. And where do you go to claim for the day off you took to visit the Social Welfare office?

    • haha excellent question. that has to go to the Official Complaints Department, which is located in a parallel universe to which a portal from this universe only opens for .35seconds every 21.7 days…..

  2. Does not make sense, does it.

    Nice photos !

    • nope. As my brother regularly says, “logic in the logic box” and lock it away… 🙂


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