Posted by: chiarraigrrl | January 26, 2010

Support The Arts – The Egg, Albany, NY

If you know anyone in New York State, please pass on this message:

A SPECIAL REQUEST FROM THE EGG: We have been informed that the proposed NYS Budget eliminates funding for The Egg. If you believe that The Egg contributes to the quality of life in the Capital Region, we ask that you encourage the Governor and members of the NYS Legislature to restore funding for The Egg in the 2010-20……11 budget. Please write to your senator or assemblyman expressing your support. Thank You!

Senate Website:
Assembly Website:

The Egg is a unique performance venue, and a crucial part of the arts in the capital of New York State, Albany. The Egg is also a very unique building, and it would be terrible to see it not be used for performances in the way it has been in the past. I remember going on school trips to the Egg as a child to see plays and concerts, and it was very important to me growing up. To hear that the New York State budget eliminates funding for the Egg is a real shock.

Further info:

The Egg website:
The Wikipedia page:
Their Facebook page:”


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