Posted by: chiarraigrrl | February 18, 2010

Save Thacher Park

Thacher Park

The New York State government has a budget deficit that they need to sort out, and it looks like Albany seems to be taking disproportionately huge hits because they can’t manage their finances properly. I had previously written about how New York State lawmakers were trying to stop funding the Egg Performing Arts Center in Albany. Now, they’re threatening another jewel in the Albany area – John Boyd Thacher State Park. Thacher Park has always been a popular place for people to go in the Albany area, and I have fond memories of going on the Indian Ladder trail as a child – it’s a spectacular park, with views across the Hudson River valley to the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Someone has cleverly started a petition to be sent to New York State lawmakers asking them to spare the park – if you have a second spare, please go on over there and sign the petition to try to save Thacher Park. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to think of people in the Albany area being deprived of such a wonderful place.


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