Posted by: chiarraigrrl | March 3, 2010

Today’s Public Service Announcement

As those of us who live in Dublin know all too well, we’ve had water restrictions ever since the Big Freeze in December (mind, in South Dublin County, water restrictions have now been lifted. Hurrah!). One of the major causes of the problems with water supply, of course, is that water mains may have burst and need repair.

Twice in the last couple of months, I’ve had to ring the local council (be it South Dublin County or, today, Dublin City Council) about burst water mains, and both times they acted like they hadn’t been notified by anyone else. They couldn’t have been nicer, council workers were sent out immediately and the problems were fixed – but not before there had been unnecessary wasted water, because the burst water mains had clearly been running for some time in both cases.

Yesterday evening, as I was on my way home, I noticed water coming up on the road in the main crossroads in Terenure village. There are a lot of people who pass through Terenure on their commute home in the evenings, so although I planned to ring the council, I suspected with that many people passing through surely someone would have rung them, and didn’t feel too bad this morning when I realised I’d forgotten to make the call. Then I passed through the village on the way to work this morning – and the water was still coming up on the road. Imagine how much water was wasted overnight, that might have been put to good use if someone had rung the council. So I rang this morning, explained where it was, and the woman thanked me profusely (and sounded as though they didn’t have it on the list for work). It had, thankfully, been fixed by the time I was passing through on the way home this evening.

The moral of the story: even if you think someone else might have rung the council about a burst water main, ring them anyway to be sure. It only takes a minute, and it’s a Good Thing To Do. As a citizen, it’s your responsibility. Don’t assume someone else will do it.

Council numbers:
Dublin City Council: (01) 222 2222 (9am to 6pm)
South Dublin County Council: (01) 4149000
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council: 01 2054800 or
Fingal County Council: (01) 890 5000, after hours (01) 873 1415

And of course, there’s always directory enquiries, folks (11811 or 11850)…


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