Posted by: chiarraigrrl | March 29, 2010

What would you do with fifteen thousand Euro?

According to this article in the Irish Independent, our beloved Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, managed to spend fifteen thousand euro on a very brief trip to the U.S. for St. Patrick’s Day (I believe he was only there for what, 3 or possibly 4 days?). Fifteen thousand euro of the taxpayers’ money. Of that €15,000, two thousand euro was spent on gifts. What was he buying as gifts that cost more than €2,000?? He also spent €1,600 on “other costs”. What were these other costs? If I spent €1,500 on the company credit card (i.e. not my money) with no explanation, you can be damn sure that not only would I be seriously queried by the financial controller, I’d probably be handed my P45 and shown the door. I also have to seriously wonder how much of that €1,600 was on alcohol.

Think of what you could do with €15,000. I’d be able to pay a year and a quarter’s worth of rent at the new apartment for €15k. And it’s a nice apartment. For the €2,000 that he spent on gifts alone, you could easily buy a lovely used car on CanuckJacq said she’d be able to pay a year’s mortgage for €15k, and Darragh said €15,000 got him 15 months’ extravagant travel in Latin America.

Fifteen thousand euro in a couple of days in America for Paddy’s day. That’s incredible. It’s nothing compared to the NAMA debacle, obviously, but it shows an incredible disregard for the taxpayers that are paying his wages.

By contrast, Dermot Ahern spent all of €182 on a trip to Paris. He stayed with the Irish ambassador and used public transport. He deserves to be commended for his appropriate spending- and perhaps encouraged to have a word with Cowen. He can be emailed here and of course Brian Cowen’s office can be emailed at privateoffice [at]

So what would you do with €15,000?



  1. Help Sean Quinn with his financial difficulties. He is a great entrepreneur who created thousands of jobs and now is our time to pay him back.

  2. On behalf of the American people, I’d like to let Mr. Cowen know there is no need to bring us gifts (they end up in the hall closet of the White House, anyway). If he insists, a bottle of Irish whiskey and a box of Irish-made chocolates will suit us fine.

    As to what I’d personally do with €15,000. Well, if the money came from Ireland, I’d be more than happy to spend every penny back where it came from… I’m picturing a nationwide tour with lots of stops in small towns.

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