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The other evening on RTE news, Charlie Bird doorstepped former chief executive of Anglo Irish Bank, David Drumm, at his mansion on Cape Cod. He showed footage of both the house and the number on the mailbox, and made sure to mention that it was on Stage Neck Road in Chatham, Massachusetts. Officially best doorstep ever, saying that the taxpayers in Ireland had a few questions for him and asking why he was ducking when Drumm tried to hide as soon as he heard who it was.

While this man was in charge, the bank took huge risks with other peoples’ money and engaged in dodgy practices of hiding massive loans belonging to the people who ran the bank, and now thanks to our government, we the taxpayers, our children, our children’s children, etc have all been obligated to huge amounts of debt to keep Anglo alive – a bank left in zombie condition by the people in charge at Anglo up until the collapse of the house of cards that was the “Celtic Tiger” economy.

While we who are left here paying Irish taxes are burdened with paying for the mistakes of these people, former Anglo chief exec David Drumm has taken a number of actions to ensure he never has to take responsibility for the mess he left. He transferred their Dublin house to his wife’s name to be sure no one could go after it for money he owes. He and his family moved to Cape Cod (in a very wealthy area) and obtained “homestead” status on the house on Cape Cod to protect it up to the value of $500,000 against claims of debts owed. He has completely abdicated responsibility for the mess he created, a mess we have been forced into cleaning up.

At least, he should know how disgusted many people are with his behaviour and at having to clean up the mess he left. And, since people are REALLY SMART and listed in the phone book, well… why not send him a postcard to remind him that he has obligations to the Irish taxpayer?

David Drumm
262 Stage Neck Rd
Chatham, MA 02633-2147

There’s also an excellent article on David Drumm in the Cape Cod Times, which may make life a little less comfortable for him over there…

Update: While we’re dumping billions we don’t have into the zombie bank that is Anglo, David Drumm is suing Anglo for lost bonuses due to his termination. The sheer arrogance and selfishness of these people boggles my mind… Second article from the Cape Cod Times here.

Also, just to clarify: This is not about threatening Mr. Drumm, or excessively hassling him. This is about using information that’s already freely available on the internet to ask him politely but firmly to take responsibility for his actions.



  1. I had the same idea and created a postcard people can send – download it from here:


  2. According to the article the guy is setting up a financial consulting firm.
    Would anyone in their right minds go to it?

  3. This idea I like!

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