Posted by: chiarraigrrl | May 9, 2010

the heron that followed me home…

Went for a bit of a wander in the sunshine yesterday around by Rathfarnham Castle, which was fabulous (of course!). Good crowds at the children’s playground, and quite a few people out walking or playing on the grounds. As I was lounging around by the lake, a grey heron turned up and, after joining in taking bits of bread alongside the ducks, came over by me as if to see what I was up to (taking photos of it, of course).

Grey Heron at the lake at Rathfarnham Castle 10

I love herons. Always have, ever since I read the series of books that includes Dicey’s Song by Cynthia Voigt when I was a kid. Gorgeous birds. After hanging around by the lake watching the heron for a bit, the heron took off and I moseyed on around the castle, which is spectacular.

Rathfarnham Castle 8

Wandered down to the Dodder to walk up around by Bushy Park, as is my wont, when lo and behold, who did I spy on the river but none other than “my” heron…

Grey Heron on the River Dodder 5

Our paths seemed to be following the same route – I wandered up a bit, he flew along… He flew onward, and I ran across him again further up the river, all the way up to the bridge by Tesco Rathfarnham.

Grey Heron on the River Dodder in Templeogue 2

Then, as we were sitting down to dinner, out the window I saw the heron headed back toward Rathfarnham Castle to the lake, presumably to settle in there somewhere for the evening… Lovely.

More photos here, if you’re interested…



  1. Ah my girlfriend Liz has seen one around recently too, she wonders if it’s the same one 🙂

    • Quite possibly! I do think there are a couple of them, I know there are regularly one or two around Bushy Park. Gorgeous birds… 🙂

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