Posted by: chiarraigrrl | July 21, 2010

#crankychi possibly goes missing for a bit…

Republic of Loose at Oxegen 2010

Some of ye that have had to deal with me this week may have noticed a bit of extra cheeriness, despite the best efforts of the folks at Teh Plantation… Much as I know everyone will be disappointed to hear it (*ahem*), there’s a distinct possibility #crankychi may go missing for a bit after September. Why might that be, you may ask? Monday afternoon Hot Press posted this announcement that Republic of Loose are going to be back in The Academy in Dublin to do another residency (remember the last one, two years ago? That was great fun… :D) – this time once a month for four months. WOOHOO!!! (Bonus: none of the gigs are at the end of the month, when work is st00pid-hectic. So I can actually go and not be completely exhausted. #win!!) Seeing as I generally start to get a bit cranky/on-edge if I haven’t seen them in about 5 weeks or so, we may be seeing slightly less of #crankychi during the four months. Well, unless the good folks at Teh Plantation decide to be even more of a pain in the arse than usual, obviously.

Should be fantastic. I haven’t stopped smiling yet, of course. Tickets, for those who are interested, are available now through ticketmaster. (And yes, I’ve booked my tickets for all four gigs. Obviously. See yis there…)


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