Posted by: chiarraigrrl | July 28, 2010

Oh, Mystery Caller…

There are reasons I have voicemail. I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t know (or private numbers), mainly because – well, if I don’t already have your number, the likelihood that you’re going to be someone I don’t want to deal with (like salespeople or some such hassle) is significantly higher. However, I also hate getting missed calls from numbers I don’t know and not finding out who it was or what they wanted because they couldn’t be bothered leaving voicemail, in spite of my voicemail message. My voicemail message, which I thought was fairly clear, is: “Hi, it’s Chi*. Please don’t hang up. I hate hangups. Leave it.”. Yes, it’s stolen almost verbatim from the film The Truth About Cats & Dogs (which, yes, I love). But it suits me perfectly, and I’d hoped would minimise the hang-up phenomenon. Not so, unfortunately- twice in the last week and a half I’ve missed calls from people who didn’t leave voicemail. It annoys me.

There’s every possibility my Mystery Caller may be someone I actually do want to talk to. But unless they leave voicemail… we’ll never know.

*not my real name



  1. I find most of them turn out to be sales people, who don’t want to let you know who is calling, as you are more likely to answer if you miss a couple.

    • the one a week and a half ago was at about 10.15pm. Obviously, assuming it was a wrong number (though they listened through my voicemail message the whole way before hanging up), but it vaguely irritates me… 🙂

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