Posted by: chiarraigrrl | August 4, 2010

A surprise windfall with perfect timing

A year ago last April, I was walking down St. Andrew’s Street when I noticed something on the ground. On a closer look, it appeared to be cash- I picked it up, and discovered that €200 had been dropped by a passerby at some point that morning. I stopped a couple of people passing to see if they had lost money, but no one seemed to know anything about it, so I checked in the post office as well. Still no joy, so off I went to Pearse Street Garda Station to turn it in, hoping that whoever lost it would then be able to find it. I was trying to be circumspect about carrying that amount of cash into the Garda Station, and am sure that I probably looked relatively shady. When I explained to the Garda on duty at the desk, he asked a couple of times if I was sure I wanted to leave it with them, and after filling in a receipt etc exclaimed several times about how honest it was of me to turn it in. All I could think was that it probably belonged to a tourist, and it would be terrible to lose that amount of money on holidays. I would hope if the tables were turned someone would turn it in for me. I then went back up to where I’d found the money, to see if I could see anyone looking around like they’d lost something, but no such luck – I even asked a foreign film crew who were shooting outside the tourist office, but they hadn’t lost anything, and I tweeted about it in hope that word would get back to whomever it belonged to. It wasn’t mine to begin with, so I promptly forgot about it, happy in the knowledge that at least I had tried to return it to its rightful owner.

Until, that is, this morning, when I received a phone call from An Garda Siochana. No one has collected the money, and it seems that as it wasn’t collected, I’m entitled to it. Which, really, is perfect timing considering I’m off to Edinburgh next week for a few days. Woohoo!



  1. Couldn’t have happened to a better gal Chi! Enjoy Edinburgh (one of my favourite cities btw)

    • aw thanks missus!! 🙂 Looking forward to it- I go every year for the Festival, & this year a friend is coming along who’s never been to Edinburgh at all, will be fun to show her around. Huzzah!! 🙂

  2. Nice that it came back to you .. do not think that happens often . .have fun !

    • thanks Seamus! I’m sorry it didn’t find whoever lost it, but at least I tried – and I get a bit of extra cash for the trip next week! 🙂 huzzah!

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