Posted by: chiarraigrrl | March 2, 2011

One a Day – and a photo-inspired musing about the Grand Canal…

Flowering tree by Pearse Bridge Rathfarnham

Recently, @BlondieNY mentioned that she was doing a “Project 365” – getting out to take photos every day, and posting one a day on her blog at There are some fab photos, and after chatting about it on Twitter she suggested I do the same. I always carry my camera with me, but don’t take it out as often as I’d like. Of course I jumped at the idea – this means I “have to” take it out. The bonus factor that I’ve discovered in doing it this week is that it turns every day into a photowalk – which is the best way to go about your day, I reckon. It’s a lengthy project (a photo a day for a year is a pretty big undertaking when you think about it) and it could be easy to not find inspiration some days, so she also recommended this excellent post that gives suggestions for themes for the photo 365 project.

If anyone’s interested, I’ve put my photo 365 pics into a set on flickr, and will be updating it as often as possible (at least a couple of times a week, if not daily).

When I was out last Thursday evening I decided to walk up along the Grand Canal with the camera on the way home, which is one of my favourite places to wander along taking photographs (I love canals. I may have mentioned this before- one of my favourite parts of one of my trips to Montreal to see the Just for Laughs festival was going on a tour of the LaChine Canal, which was wonderful and highly recommended.). As I arrived up to the canal at Leeson Street, I discovered that they appear to be dredging the canal between Leeson Street and Portobello, which I was a bit disappointed about as I was looking forward to taking photos along that part of the canal. It was only as I approached the bridge at Portobello that I noticed what appears to be a new Waterways Ireland sign on the canal bank with a lock number:

Grand Canal at Portobello 3

It brought to mind a programme on d’telly recently (think it was an installment of “Nationwide”) that was focusing on developing the canals as a tourist attraction. Naturally I think this is a brilliant idea, and was pleased to discover that there’s a Waterways Ireland Visitor Centre on Grand Canal Quay. I’m already looking forward to a visit when it reopens in “mid-March” (in time for St. Patrick’s Day, I suspect). I was wondering if dredging the canal was part of this initiative- it appears they’re doing a lot of work to clean up the canal from this article in the Irish Times, though the Waterways Ireland website simply indicates that it’s to ensure that the canal continues to be navigable for a large range of boats.

In wandering the interwebs to find info on the Grand Canal development, I was also delighted to discover the Heritage Boat Association of Ireland, “celebrating the floating heritage on Ireland’s inland waterways”, which has some wonderful photo galleries- well worth checking out.


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