Posted by: chiarraigrrl | August 20, 2011

My Top Five Recommendations for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh at dusk

Before the Fringe ends, these are my top five picks of shows you really should see if you’re over there, in no particular order.

Jason Cook’s “The Search for Happiness” – this was so funny I’m still giggling over bits from it. Wonderful, cheery, heartily amusing stuff.

Aurora/Western Connecticut State University’s production of Chekov’s “Three Sisters”. I’ve been a bit of a theatre geek ever since I was a young teenager, and I don’t think I’d seen a production of “Three Sisters” before, though I’d certainly studied it at some point (drama studies was one of my majors in university, after all). The actors were handing out the flyers outside the Gilded Balloon Teviot, and they were so nice we just had to check out the play. This is a wonderful production – very well portrayed. I saw it a week ago Wednesday and have been raving about it ever since.

Wishbone Theatre, from Edmonton, Canada, are doing an elegant and moving production called “Bashir Lazhar”, about an Algerian immigrant living in Montreal. Very highly recommended.

You can’t go to the Fringe and not see Josie Long. It’s against the rules of the Universe. Josie’s her usual funny, sweet, whimsical self, if a bit more political this year (which is also a good thing, if you ask me). If you don’t go see her “The Future Is Another Place”, you haven’t been to the Fringe. Sorry.

I mentioned it in my recommendations for the Fringe before I went, but Aidan Bishop’s “Misspelled” really is a must-see. He’s added more personal anecdotes since the preview, and it’s an excellent show – touching, funny and informative. Go see it if you can.

I’ll be writing a much longer post later in the week about the trip, but it was great fun – and exactly the break I needed. Good times.


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