Posted by: chiarraigrrl | September 3, 2011

Within 5 minutes, the world got a tiny bit smaller…

Yesterday evening, the lovely Eleanor Tiernan (comedian) posted a photo on Facebook from the Kansas City Irish Festival. It occurred to me that she must be doing a gig, so I checked the festival’s website – and sure enough, she and Aidan Bishop are doing a couple of shows this evening and tomorrow. Naturally, I immediately tweeted to two of my Twitterfriends in Kansas City, the lovely @sheasylvia (who I started following during the @twitchhiker experience) and @briancarterKC, to see if they’d be interested in going. Brian got back to me quickly and said he had been hoping they’d be able to go after hearing Eleanor on the radio the other morning.

So, two of my Twitterfriends might be going to see two Dublin comedy friend/acquaintances in Kansas City. I would’ve thought that was a little unlikely a few years ago, especially in view of the fact that I’ve never been anywhere near Kansas City. Now, it’s awesome.


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