Posted by: chiarraigrrl | September 10, 2011

“Sorry about your wall”…

There’s a little laneway that I walk through on my way to and from work (which I think used to be a stable lane, back in the original version of the terrace in the 19th century) where there seems to be a bit of an ongoing war between a local graffiti artist and the city council. A few weeks back the wall had the outline of a person as if it were many people holding hands along the wall. Within a couple of days, the wall was painted over (though in a very slightly different shade than the original paint, and they didn’t bother to cover all the way up to the top, so it sort of turned the wall two-tone, which was amusing for a while).

Then on the morning of the 24th of August, the latest addition cracked me up on my way to work:
Sorry About your Wall 24 August
(it reads “Sorry about your wall” Then they’ve tagged it with the year, then added “but I’m sure you know what year it is”. Classic).

This was painted over within 24 hours (the council seem to be keeping a sharp eye on it, though not sharp enough to actually catch the artist in the act). Then the next day, this turned up:
I thought I loved you 30 August
(“I thought I loved you… but it was just how you looked in the light”)

I wish they had left this one. It was amusing, and whoever did it has some bit of artistic talent (and I thought it looked pretty good, actually). Unfortunately it has since been painted over, and the latest work is a simple bright pink line along both sides of the laneway, which hasn’t been painted over yet. I’m hoping the council paint it over soon, because I’m looking forward to the next piece if the artist who did the two above comes back…



  1. Very clever! Thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

    • That “sorry about your wall” one amused me no end. Cheeky! šŸ™‚ Hoping they provide a fresh canvas this week, would actually quite like to see another one… šŸ™‚

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