Posted by: chiarraigrrl | September 11, 2011

Flickr photowalk 8 September 2011

Flickr Dublin photowalk in Trinity College

Last Tuesday, the 6th, when I signed into my Flickr account I noticed that the latest Flickr blog post was to do with Dublin (complete with some gorgeous photos of the Liffey, etc). Curious, I clicked in to see what was going on… and discovered that Jake from Flickr was in Dublin for a couple of weeks and was organising a photowalk for that Thursday evening, meeting up at the gates of Trinity College. I was a little concerned about the lead time- two days’ notice seemed pretty short to get a group together – so I posted about it over on Twitter and RSVP’ed to go along, figuring it could go one of two ways: there might either be a huge group along, or it would be me and Jake wandering around town with cameras.

As it turned out, there was a lovely smallish (but perfect size for photowalking) group that turned up, and I needn’t have worried. It was my first ever photowalk (I’ve intended to go along to a few organised by good folks over on Teh Twitter, but never quite got there) and I would definitely do one again, it was great fun and I met some really lovely people (and great photographers!). I was a little concerned because I tend to get performance anxiety, as it were – I’m perfectly happy wandering around with my camera on my own, but put me with people and I choke and take very few photographs. With everyone taking photos, though, I very quickly got over it and was happily clicking away as we wandered around town. We talked about life, the universe, and everything, as well as most importantly photography and different photo-taking anecdotes. We had a wonderful meandering walk through Trinity College (which actually has a bit less of interest to photograph than any of us anticipated, surprisingly), around Nassau Street to Grafton Street and around through Georges Street arcade before taking a scenic route around the Grafton Street area that eventually wound down to Temple Bar and landed in the Foggy Dew for pints and some good laughs (and more Flickr-branded merch than I thought possible!) after. Great times. Needless to say we’ve all added each other as contacts on Flickr, and plan to get together again in the future.

My full set of pics are up over on Flickr if you’re interested. And don’t forget, when the world seems cold:
Maser loves u


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