Posted by: chiarraigrrl | September 24, 2011

Greetings from Planet JetLag™ :)

I have to make a confession at the start: I’m writing because I felt myself about to doze off while knitting, and a) I’m not grey-haired in a rocking chair on my front porch yet, thankyewverymuch, and b) I want to stay up to watch “Calendar Girls” on d’telly at 10pm (it’s currently just before 8pm here, and there is nothing on between now and then). Which gives you an idea of how functional (or not) my brain is at the moment- I know full well it’ll be on the other channels in the next couple of weeks, but sheer stubbornness means I’m keeping my eyelids open this evening. (Note: it’s definitely not helping that d’mammy is sound asleep on the couch…)

So why am I jetlagged? I’ve been up since 8am Boston time yesterday (1pm here in Dublin), which means I’ve been mostly awake (apart from 2 hours’ kip on the plane, which isn’t really sleeping) for more than 24 hours. It was well worth it though – we had a wonderful week in the Boston area, taking a tour and doing a little shopping the first couple of days before getting down to the business of figuring out where the Next Big Adventure was going to take us. Boston and Cambridge were fantastic – service was excellent (I would highly recommend the Legal Seafoods restaurant in Cambridge, not far from Kendall T station- delicious food and fantastic service both nights we were in), the people were friendly and polite and it smelled much better than Dublin (both from the people and the transport etc. I wish I was kidding).

I’ve never had anyone tell me before that they hoped I would move to their town – but in Arlington MA, that’s exactly what happened when I was chatting with four separate people and mentioned I was thinking of moving to the area. I had a great wander around the main streets and side streets of the town, and it’s both beautiful and incredibly convenient, less than ten minutes by bus to Alewife T station and with lots of shops and restaurants right along Massachusetts Avenue in an easy walk. Plus I didn’t see any bars/pubs/drinking holes in town, which is excellent news as far as I’m concerned as one of the major problems we’ve had in Rathfarnham has been noise levels – and fist fights on the street in a supposedly middle-class area – between 1am and 4am especially on weekends.

Long and short of it, we loved it so much we didn’t want to get on the plane back – and have decided that as soon as we can get a rental organised, that’s where we’ll be.


(plus it’s my two-month #smokefree anniversary. I think that’s a pretty good present, personally…)



  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip! I’m looking forward to visiting you when you’re settled in!

    • Thanks woman! That gave me a big grin on a cold and dark Monday morning – really looking forward to catching up with you too! (and meeting Hubby at some stage, of course!) 🙂

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