Posted by: chiarraigrrl | September 30, 2011

Summer birds

heron and ducks at Rathfarnham Castle Park 14

I was looking out the window this morning and realised that the two summers we’ve spent living in Rathfarnham have been partly defined by two different types of birds. Last year, a grey heron (the guy above) used to always call when he was flying by our corner of the apartment building on his way to and from Rathfarnham Castle Park (my mother swears he used to practically peer in the windows, too. I did see him very close to the building a couple of times, in fairness)

This year was partly defined by a family of black birds. Early in the spring, I noticed a couple of black birds flying back and forth between the woods across the road and the (thankfully unused) chimney of the hardware shop in Rathfarnham village with pieces of branches and bits of grasses on their way to the chimney. Soon enough, they had clearly built a nest in the chimney, and for the next few weeks we kept half an eye on it as we went about our business. We saw when a couple of the baby birds finally ventured to the top of the chimney, and one day three of the siblings plus momma bird were perched on the edge of the chimney and after some time convinced a fourth to climb out (he didn’t stay out long, though). We watched them teaching the littlest to fly, and although he seems curious about the world around him, he wouldn’t venture very far from the nest. As the summer went on we expected them to leave the nest area behind, but they seem to often come back for the night. I looked out this morning and two of them were perched on a lamppost outside, and it occurred to me that they may be leaving the area soon with the cold weather approaching. They certainly livened up our summer (they are so cute, I could watch them for hours…).



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