Posted by: chiarraigrrl | October 3, 2011

First world problems…

Raindrops 6 July

It was a weekend of first world problems. Amongst other problems with the apartment (leaky walls, a dysfunctional dishwasher) our 3 mobile broadband was less than functional since Friday evening – it often runs slow when it rains (which is hilarious. It’s Ireland. It rains *all the time*.) but with the heavy rains Friday and Saturday, all weekend we couldn’t connect to Yahoo or WordPress, and on Saturday we lost pretty much any internet connection at all. Frustrating to say the least, particularly when I was hoping to do some further internet-based work for the Big Move over the weekend. D’mammy rang 3 mobile broadband on Saturday to find out what the problem was, and after giving her account information they asked for her date of birth (!) – which she’s never provided to them, and we were both very surprised that they would ask that as it has no relevance to the query whatsoever. After explaining this to the customer service representative, all they would tell her was that there was supposedly a problem across Dublin and they didn’t know what it was or when it would be fixed – and they said to not use the internet. That’s not what we’re paying monthly fees for.

That said, the lack of access to WordPress or Yahoo when I had things to say meant that I have now set up the option to post via email – which means that you, dear readers, never have to go without a weekend post due to bad broadband service again. Aren’t you all thrilled?

Also on the plus side, it is October again – which in Dublin means fireworks, a few of which started last night. Testing for the main event on the 31st of October, no doubt…


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