Posted by: chiarraigrrl | October 4, 2011

Soon to be orphaned houseplants looking for a loving home…

Flowers in the window 1 May

Don’t they look a bit heartbroken? One of the more difficult things about moving 3,000 miles is that we’ll have to leave our beloved houseplants behind. We don’t want to leave them out for the other residents of the apartment complex, because they haven’t turned out to be as pleasant as we hoped. The landlord’s representative has been a pain in the arse, so we don’t want to leave them in the apartment; but throwing them in the garbage seems wrong on many levels.

We have everything from geraniums and roses to lavendar, an african violet, morning glory, basil and ivy to a floor plant that’s positively flourishing. If you can offer a good home (in the Dublin area, or meeting in Dublin, please) let me know. We’re not leaving immediately, but it won’t be long now…



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