Posted by: chiarraigrrl | October 17, 2011

A few more things I’m looking forward to on the other side of the pond… :)

After I posted the other day about some things I ❤ about New England, a few more things occurred to me that I thought were well worth sharing with you, dear readers.

One thing that may sound funny is that even though I’m not really much of a bird-watcher, I’m looking forward to the birds. While I love many of the birds here in Ireland and there are some real beauties, I don’t know what to call half of them, and there are birds from North America that I really miss.

Like a red cardinal against white snow in winter…


Barn swallows building their nests in the spring…

Cheeky Monkeys!
(also from
I know there are swallows in Ireland. I just never see them. And I have very fond memories of staying in a converted barn once in Maine where the barn swallows had baby birds that were learning to fly. Wonderful times.

Blue jays…

Blue Jay

And even your regular, ordinary, garden-variety crows. They don’t seem to have (or call them, anyway) crows here, from what I’ve been able to tell… (please correct me in the comments if I’ve been misinformed for a decade)

Crow in Flight

Another thing we’re looking forward to is pot luck suppers, which also don’t seem to be particularly common here (if they happen at all- I can’t recall having heard of any…). There’s something comforting and welcoming about everyone bringing something to share, and usually the food is regular good, hearty food that nobody’s trying to show off with. It’ll be nice to participate in those again (I know the Friends of Spy Pond apparently do a pot luck supper, for example…).

And I realize that this is an odd one to end this post on, but – I’m looking forward to being able to buy button-down shirts that actually have buttons all the way up to the collar. I’m not even kidding (wish I was!)- someone seems to have decided here in the last couple of years that women’s shirts must all have a plunging neckline, because the shirts that don’t are almost impossible to find, even what look like button-down shirts. Shirt manufacturers: if I wanted my top buttons open, I could leave them open myself. And you can’t even sew buttons on them- they’re made in such a way that if you tried to close the top bit up by the collar, there wouldn’t be enough fabric. Which is just plain ridiculous, if you ask me… Meanwhile, Land’s End etc still have regular button-down shirts, so it’s not like this is a global “fashion” trend…

I’m sure there will be more to add to the list… Watch this space… 🙂



  1. Love the photos! (And I can’t imagine life without pot-luck! But it would make sense if it was only a North American thing — I have heard it is derived from the native american “potlatch”… but, then again, that might be urban legend) 😉

    • Beth, I wish I could take the credit for taking these ones- soon I’ll be taking similar of my own! I thought they were pretty fab. I actually couldn’t believe I had forgotten about potluck until my mother mentioned it the other day and I immediately reacted with OHMYGODPOTLUCKYAY! *snigger* 🙂

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