Posted by: chiarraigrrl | October 23, 2011

In praise of written letters… :)

Postbox 1 July

Thursday evening I came home to discover a handwritten letter in the letterbox, and I was absolutely delighted.

There is something really charming in a handwritten letter. There’s the thought of the time spent writing, and the delight in reading over the adventures of a dear friend and picturing the tales told. I love writing letters – there’s the choice of stationery (I love good stationery. Paper quality, a picture or message on a card… it can be a delight to choose, if you appreciate the little things) and in my case the choice of pen (I feel good pens are important, and I have a nice selection growing. Nothing quite like the swish of a good writing utensil across nice paper). Then there’s the writing of the letter itself- choosing which stories to tell and what way to phrase them, the context, what bits to highlight and which to maybe leave out… Then of course there’s the romantic and literary aspect of letters- I love to think of the characters in novels I’ve read over the years writing letters (Jane Austen and L.M. Montgomery’s books spring to mind).

And coming home to find an envelope addressed in a dear friend’s handwriting? Priceless.


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