Posted by: chiarraigrrl | October 25, 2011

Shanks’s pony will get you there…

Dublin's North & South Quays Flooded

Yesterday evening the heavens opened over Dublin, and by last night reports were coming in that roads across Dublin were flooded. The River Dodder burst its banks, and Dundrum Town Centre flooded, with pictures going around the Irish interwebz of water pouring down the stairs in the still-fairly-new shopping centre.

If Dublin gets so much as a few minutes’ rain, the traffic tends to grind to a halt, so it was fairly obvious that the bus journey in to Rathmines (before my brief walk over to Leeson Street) was going to be mental. I left early prepared for a lengthy trip, but of course in these circumstances there’s no amount of time that would really be early enough not to end up being a tiny bit late for your destination. I got a bus within a few minutes of waiting at the stop, but it was such a slow journey between Rathfarnham and Terenure that I was starting to despair at the journey time already when I arrived up to the bus stop opposite the church in Terenure, headed toward town through Rathmines. For ten minutes, a growing crowd waited while traffic just sat stopped in front of us, and a bus sat about 30 feet down the road on the way toward us. After standing in the rain for that long with no visible progress, I decided I’d be faster walking from Terenure to Leeson Street, which normally I wouldn’t consider. Traffic was stopped from at least the Grand Canal out through Rathmines past Terenure and out past Rathfarnham – a nightmare for anyone trying to travel in the area.

It turns out that it’s nearly 2.25 miles from Terenure church to Leeson Street (<- link to a map!), and I managed it on foot in about 35-40 minutes, which I don’t think is too bad considering I was in my work gear carrying my satchel through the pouring rain. Yes, I felt like a drowned rat most of the day in work. But I also beat 3 buses on the journey, and saved at least 20 minutes’ travel time sitting in the endless traffic. Fun times. At least I got some extra exercise…



  1. Isn’t it funny.

    Sometimes walking/biking is faster than the public transit.

    I’m glad that happens in Europe also.

    Sent from a phone, whilst laying on my couch.

    • I’d say it happens the world over, alright – madness! Ridiculous thing is that traffic was only that bad because every car had one person in it. Unreal.

      Relaxing on the couch is always a good plan 😀

  2. oh… MY.

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