Posted by: chiarraigrrl | November 13, 2011

Sometimes a change is better than a rest…

Portobello 10 November

Some of you will already know that since late February, on seeing the awesome @BlondieNY‘s project, I’ve been doing a photo365 project myself, taking a photo a day for the year (though I don’t get too hung up on it if I miss a day. Life happens. I think I’ve only missed a couple, though).

I’ll admit I was feeling fatigued with the project recently. I’ve been spending more time and energy on the transatlantic move, and didn’t have much left to go wandering with my camera. It’s dark when I get out of work now, and in the mornings it’s hard to find a decent photograph that you haven’t already taken when you walk the same route to work most days.

Then as I was getting myself organised to leave work the other evening, inspiration hit (and thank goodness for that). I love long-exposure night shots that show the movement of traffic, and have tried it myself once or twice. Since it’s practically pitch-dark when I get out of work around 5-5.30pm in the evenings now, it’s a perfect opportunity to take photographs of recognizable places around Dublin with a longer exposure to show the movement of the traffic. Needless to say I’ve created a new set on my flickr page for the Dublin night series.

Suddenly I’m excited about taking daily photographs again. Funny how that works…



  1. YEAH, I did not know.

    I like long exposure.

    Are you using a manual camera?

    • I’m using a Panasonic Lumix TZ-8. Love it- fits in my pocket, has fantastic automatic setting but also a manual setting so I can play with shutter speeds, depth of field etc. Fun times! 🙂

  2. Oh I do like that! Nice one.

    • Thanks!! I’m enjoying it so far… 🙂

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