Posted by: chiarraigrrl | December 18, 2011

Celebrating Christmas

xmas tree at Stephens Green and decorations

I confess, I was mercilessly pestering one of my favorite people on the planet recently for his mailing address so that I could send him holiday presents for himself and his small son (buying presents for small children and imagining how they’ll enjoy them is possibly one of the most fun things one can legally do with one’s money, is it not? I already had great ideas for presents and all, of course…). He avoided the question for ages, and finally replied (after a fair bit of hounding on my part, it must be admitted- I mean, who doesn’t want PRESENTS?) that he couldn’t and sure he’s not even Christian anyway. Some time later when talking about other things he commented that love doesn’t require a given schedule, it just doesn’t work like that.

I bit my tongue (I’m learning…) but I badly wanted to tell him that of course it would be best if we all always remembered to tell the people we love that we love them, but life too often gets in the way, so isn’t it great that we have these holidays to remind ourselves to spend time with the people we love, even if it’s just a quick card or a gift to say we care? I’ve never been big on religion, but I adore Christmas and the December holidays- most of which are actually just celebrations of the solstice and the lengthening of days anyway, bringing a bit of light into the winter darkness- because it is an excuse for joy and celebration for everyone, a time to reach out and get in touch with the ones we love, especially those who may be far away and hard to keep in touch with. It’s a great time to reach out in charity to lend a hand to those less fortunate. And of course a fantastic excuse to get in touch with those people you rarely get to talk to and just say ‘I’m glad I know you, and send you best wishes’. There’s no other time of the year when you can do that without seeming a little odd. I love this time of year, and I don’t care what religion you are or if you have no religion at all- joy and celebration should be expansive (note: that’s not expEnsive)and not something to be avoided.

So happy holidays, you all…



  1. What’s going on here then Chi? You’ve been doing your homework πŸ™‚ It’s a lovely blog and it’s made me want to unwrap presents πŸ™‚ it’s an outright ode to joy, of which the german version is the one to learn. Seasons greetings!

    • Thank you kindly, I’m glad you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚ you know me, always do my homework before I go spouting off… πŸ˜‰

      • Bit like me then – I never spout off and come to regret it πŸ˜‰ ….
        HAPPY XMAS Chi and clan (and you Conor)!

      • Ha! you spout off and live to regret it? can’t imagine that, Cliff. πŸ˜‰ happy holidays! x

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