Posted by: chiarraigrrl | April 24, 2012

My official top five things you can only do as a marathon spectator…

Little kids giving out bottles of water to marathon runners at the Boston Marathon 2012

Um, not that I’ve tried. But after attending the Boston Marathon as a spectator last week, I realized that there are a few things you can do as a spectator that tend to be frowned upon in most other situations.

1. Handing out free open bottles of water to random strangers (or accepting same, with thanks)? They could have anything in ’em- I’ll pass!

2. Standing on a street corner clapping for hours would normally make you at least a little weird (if not locked up). Add a bunch of runners passing by, and suddenly you’re a model spectator. Same goes for standing on street corners ringing a cowbell.

3. Shouting “you’re awesome” (or similar) at passers-by tends to be frowned upon in non-spectating situations. Shout it at runners in a marathon and get big smiles. Go figure.

4. Shouting “Go Navy!” (or whatever they have on their t-shirt, including their name, team, etc) at random strangers – see #3 above.

5. Asking strangers on public transportation what stop they planned to get off at and where exactly they were going tends not to go over well on a normal day. On Marathon Monday, I overheard lots of spectators striking up conversations along this line with total strangers.

And while I was comparatively timid this time around, I’m hoping next year to be more like this spectator. Because the world needs MORE COWBELL (ftw!).


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