Posted by: chiarraigrrl | October 2, 2012


This evening before leaving work, with most of the office lights already out, I decided to take a quick shot of my african violet.

I forgot the flash was still on.

The result is more awesome than anything I expected:

Sometimes the unexpected can make your day like that. Yesterday when I was sitting outside having my lunch, a lady approached walking her dog, and gave me a smile – then the book on my lap caught her eye. As soon as she figured out what the book was (I’m re-reading Julie & Julia– it’s good for the soul) she slowed down to enthusiastically rave to me about what a wonderful book it was. Delightful. I couldn’t help but think you won’t get that kind of interaction from an e-reader…. 😉

It seems appropriate to share a song I had stuck in my head this afternoon, which is a great one – Ani DiFranco’s “Back Back Back”.

when you sit right down in the middle of yourself you’re gonna want to have a comfortable chair/ so renovate your soul before you get too old ’cause you’re gonna be housebound there…



  1. That is great.

    The unexpected has benefits.

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