Posted by: chiarraigrrl | November 4, 2012

An Unexpected Thank-you – and how we can help…

I was surprised to receive a thank-you email from my power company when I powered up the computer this evening. I’m sharing this email with you all, dear readers, for two reasons: first, I’ve never dealt with an electrical company who sent an email thanking customers for their kindness and support during and after a storm. Second, and more importantly: there’s a lot of really useful information here for anyone who wants to help victims of Superstorm Sandy and doesn’t know where to start… Do what you can, and pass it on. I know if my home was hit, I’d hope people elsewhere would help too…

Thank you, from National Grid

As both a service provider and members of the community, National Grid has a vested interest in working hard to restore service as quickly and as safely as possible. Superstorm Sandy was one of the worst storms to hit our regions and we could not have battled this storm without your help and support.

National Grid wants to thank our local partners – employees, union leaders, community leaders, first responders, municipal, county and state officials – for helping us put the lights and gas back on in the aftermath of the storm.

We also want to thank the families and friends of our tireless workers for their support and encouragement.

Last, but not least, we want to thank our customers for their patience, kindness and their understanding as we worked feverishly to restore power and gas service.

While our restorations efforts have wrapped up in many of our service territories, our focus has turned to our neighbors in Long Island and the areas of New York City devastated by the storm. Residents living in the hardest hit areas are living in a virtual warzone and dealing with a nightmare situation. Many are unable to reach loved ones and remain unsure of their safety. Houses are flooded, there are limited gasoline supplies and in the midst of it all, temperatures are dropping significantly.

In response to this, we have gathered resources and personnel and have headed into these regions in order to assist with recovery.

To find out how you can also help, please see below for a list of organizations that are actively providing food, shelter and supplies to the victims of Superstorm Sandy:

How to help Superstorm Sandy victims

Red Cross: To donate, visit, call 800-Red-Cross or text the word “Redcross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Nearly 100 Red Cross blood drives were canceled because of Sandy, so blood supplies are low in the areas affected the most. The Red Cross asks that those who can donate to schedule an appointment to give blood. The New York Blood Center is urging people to donate blood for those in the New York/New Jersey area. To donate, call 800-933-2566 or visit

The Salvation Army has dozens of mobile feeding units and shelters along the East Coast that are working to serve thousands in the most heavily hit areas. Visit to donate.

Feeding America has thousands of pounds of emergency food, water and supplies in the disaster zone that it is working to distribute to the storm’s victims. To donate, visit or call 800-910-5524.

AmeriCares is providing medicine and other supplies to people affected by Hurricane Sandy. To donate, visit

World Vision is distributing flood clean-up kits, personal hygiene items and emergency food kits to people hit by the hurricane. To donate, visit

Save the Children is also working to provide relief to families and their children. Visit to donate.

Stay safe and thanks again for your patience and understanding.

National Grid



  1. What a nice note!

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