Posted by: chiarraigrrl | January 25, 2013


Nipper statue in Albany, N.Y. – source

I can’t begin to explain how pleased I am to discover that there’s a local music events website/blog/magazine for the Capital District called Their “About Us” states:

Nippertown is an online magazine based in the greater Capital Region and Hudson Valley regions of New York and western Massachusetts, writing about local art, music, theater, film and anything else that interests us. We’ve been publishing since May, 2009.

Why am I so pleased about this? Well. Many of you may recognize Nipper as the dog in the HMV record store logo. “HMV” is short for “His Master’s Voice”- the dog in the logo was originally pictured in an 1898 painting by Francis Barraud of Nipper listening to a phonograph, which was modified to become the logo of the Gramophone Company, later RCA and the HMV music stores. In Albany, the Nipper statue sits atop the Arnoff Moving and Storage building on Broadway, which used to be an RTA building (the distributor end of the RCA business).

Not enough people outside the Albany area know about the Nipper statue (and its story), in my humble opinion.

In my wandering the internet after a search for “nipper statue”, I also found this site with photos of dog roadside statues, for those of you that enjoy that sort of thing…


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