more interwebs to wander…

where else to find me on d’web

I also contribute to, an Irish-travel blog
My Goodreads page
My BookCrossing page

excellent tweeps’ blogs

@IanHealy: or *new!*
@eolai: or or
@Tupp_Ed and @Fergal:
@paul_a_smith: or as @twitchhiker:
@hypnotyst: pennington on the paper – stationery-related, from what I could tell. +1
@teaandcakes: tea and cakes dot net
@BiddyEarly: The Daly Planet
@HOHWWriter: Hell or High Water
@mrs_bopp: Inside redser’s head
@TomTDowling: Tom Dowling
@offmessagejen: or the serious blog at
@carmopolice: Carmopolice dot blogspot dot com
@eric_lalor: Story Bud
@paddyanglican: Paddyanglican.blogspot
@leoie: Leo the Geek
@Mojo_Marty: Mojo_Marty’s blog


New York in the Movies – awesome interactive map showing where different movies were filmed in NYC. travel guides
Lonely Planet website
Sleeping in Airports dot net – hope you won’t have to use it, but just in case…
Hidden Europe
Ireland Roadways
Water of Leith Conservation Trust, Edinburgh

mappy things
If you dug a hole through the earth, where would you come out?
Virtual Radar- airplanes over Europe
nifty Cartogram site
Crisis Mapping
Rhode Island Geographic Information System
Ready Providence
Atlas of Canada

excellent authors’ blogs/websites:

John Scalzi (@scalzi on twitter): Whatever
Cherie Priest:
Kate Milford: Clockwork Foundry
Ayelet Waldman:
Michael Chabon:

Photo-related – awesome website where you can upload photos to make your own calendars, stationery etc. – brilliant photoblog
Photowalk dot ie
Iced Coffee photoblog
Jennifer Farley photoblog
Red Mum photoblog
Snap Happy Robot

other stuff…

Republic of Loose
The Cloud Appreciation Society, of which I am a proud member
Pundit Kitchen
Graph Jam
Whatever – John Scalzi
Wil Wheaton dot Net!
XKCD webcomic
Magic Eight Ball for all things Rhode Island
Boys are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them! (game)
Random word info
the Long Now foundation
Typography for Lawyers
Smithsonian magazine site
International Talk Like a Pirate Day translator
National Geographic
Thierry Henry handball game
awesome City Creator site
Wheel Spinning Hamster Dead – brilliant webcomic
You Grow Girl
Good – for people who give a damn
Guerrilla Gardening – I love this idea… 🙂
The Dodo Pad Blog
Clients from Hell – people really are even more stupid than I thought (and that was fairly thick…)
Routines for Writers dot com
Alright tit blog
From the Upper Deck
In The Stack – what’s in your to-read pile? 🙂
Have a nice cup of tea and a sit down
The Antiroom

I’ll be adding more stuff later, of course…. 🙂


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