Travelling slightly off the beaten track…

I love to travel – love going exploring around places I’ve never been, and finding quirky things to see that perhaps aren’t necessarily in all the tourist guides. I also love it when people tell me a general idea of where they want to go, and I get to do “armchair travel”, coming up with a list of recommendations of things they might see on their holiday. I decided to set this up as a separate section because the main blog is mostly just ramblings on whatever happens to take my fancy at any given time, and the travel stuff might get lost in the clutter. Obviously this will be updated rather less frequently than I hope the main blog will be, but I hope some people also find it useful, informative and entertaining (I do try…).

Dreaming of Paris

U.S. Road trip for film buffs

If you ever get to go to Edinburgh…

Diversions for a few days in Dublin…


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